Archive for August 2004

Updates here

I have a first go at a test Forrest site up. Take a look here and let me know what you think. Forrest is really a swell product. If you have any feedback let me know. I’ll finish putting my old stuff up there fairly soon and start on the new stuff soon after.

Updates coming

After giving some serious thought to how I wanted to have the software section of my site look, I’ve decided to try and use Apache Forrest to generate those pages. Good combination of flexibility and structure with a relative ease of generating the viewable pages. Now I just need a way to get the same […]

For the love of god…

For the love of god, people – think of the cones. I was once one of those people. You know the ones that could look at a traffic cone and not think twice about stopping to help? Well, no more, my friends.

Photos and stuff

I don’t maintain any illusions that I’m a wonderful photographer, but I enjoy taking pictures and I enjoy looking at the results of what I do. On that basis I’m submitting a handful of photos I’ve taken to a few different shows coming up. Tomorrow is the due date for art to be submitted to […]