Installing HCM (future)

HCM 0.2 was going to contain support for storing configurations in a database, but I never quite got that working the way that I hoped it would work. The problem is that I want to make it simple for people to install and administer HCM and as soon as you start messing around with database configurations, you lose a lot of that.

Never fear, I have some ideas to make remote configuration possible, I just don’t want to include it until I think it’s really ready for general use.

Anything below here are my notes as I work through some of the configuration details in my head for the next version (likely 0.3).

Add hcm store location to the file you created in the Tomcat lib directory.

This location must be readable and writable by the user that is starting Tomcat. Take this into account if your Tomcat is running as a daemon/service. It’s probably wise to keep this outside of the actual Tomcat directory.

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