messenjer is Open-source enterprise instant messaging.

About messenJer

messenJer is an instant messenging server and client written in Java. It is targeted towards small to medium size enterprises and offers a number of features that those markets are looking for in an instant messenger. It has the capability of logging everything, all messages, thus reducing a corporation’s liability over the employee’s use of the enterprise’s IM solution. It’s simple, running in Java and using MySQL (or possibly any other database) as a back end. It runs everywhere, because it’s Java.

What Works

Even though most of the base functionality is already present, this code is considered alpha quality. I’m sure it still has some entertaining bugs left to be found and destroyed.

Basic messaging functionality works. The administrative user can add users and groups. All messages are logged, but you can turn that off in the main config. The basic JNLP works as long as you tweak the file to point to your code base.


messenJer is freely available under the terms of the GNU Public License version 2. Other terms may be available, so contact the author for details.

To Do

The full To Do list is maintained in the source distribution. The current version now includes an install document.