HL7 Anon



The HL7 Anon program attempts to remove as much personally identifiable information from HL7 messages as it can. Please be careful to check each and every message by hand to ensure that it has been properly cleaned before using the message for anything beyond its original purpose. The author of this software makes no guarantee that the program performs any task competently, and treat any data that it processes as if it were your own.

Please run the program and view the documentation there to see more details on how it works.

Running on the command line

If you download the zip file you can also run the utility on the command line if you wish to use it for batch processing. The syntax is as follows:

java -jar Hl7Anon.jar [inputfile.txt] > [outputfile.txt]

If you run it without the input file as an argument it will attempt to start the GUI.

Special thanks

Thanks to Doug Michel, for working with me to provide a list of fields that is beneficial to scan for information to “anonymize”. It can never be a complete list, but it is a much better list than I would have come up with on my own.


Click here to launch the HL7 Anon web start.