HL7 Comm

Version 1.1:

Version 0.7.2:

Version 0.6.5:
HL7 Comm 0.6.5 (Java 1.4)


HL7 Comm is a robust HL7 communications client that can perform network communication, translation, file actions, logic and much more on HL7 messages and other types of data. Much more information on what it can do is available in the documentation that comes with the program. You can try it simply by using the webstart links above and click the help icon for more information.


Please visit the new online forums if you have questions or issues with the HL7 Comm. I personally check the boards at least once a day. Click here: Enter the support forums. Alternatively, you can email me via the contact link to the right of the page.

Features so far

Ability to send, receive and proxy HL7 messages over a TCP/IP MLLP connection.

A simple scripting engine using beanshell and the Light HL7 Library.

A GUI to manually ACK or NACK HL7 messages for testing.

A stand-alone mode that can run with or without a gui. Perfect for remote deployments.

HL7 Browser technology built in so that you can quickly view and dissect messages while testing.

Transaction graphing, giving you a quick view of transactions over a period of time as well as a total count.

Variable logging levels.

Batch sending mode.


The HL7 Comm is available throught GPL license version 2.0. Included libraries available elsewhere on this site are available through LGPL licenses.