Integrate Client Lib


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The integrate client library is a library of client classes designed to simplify creating integration projects. They include not only the client classes themselves but interfaces and abstract classes as well as utility classes that can be commonly reused. The newest versions contain a logic processing class that will execute logic from beanshell scripts you create. This means you can use Integrate Client Library (as well as HL7 Comm and HCM) to perform any actions that Java can perform, including database connectivity, web services, etc.

These are the communication clients currently implemented:

  • FileIn – Reads a specified file in.
  • FileInByDir – Monitors a directory and reads all files in.
  • Hl7FileIn – Filters specified file for HL7 data.
  • Hl7FileInByDir – Monitors a directory and filters.
  • MllpThreadServer – Listens on port for generic MLLP connection.
  • Hl7ThreadServer – Listens on port for HL7 data
  • FileOut – Outputs to a specific file.
  • FileOutByDir – Outputs to a directory at intervals.
  • FileOutByTime – Outputs to files with timestamps.
  • FileOutSingleRecord – Outputs each record to a new file.
  • MllpClient – Outputs an MLLP TCP/IP stream.
  • Hl7Client – Same but handles HL7 acks.
  • StandardOut – Outputs to standard out.
  • FtpClientIn – Read in data via FTP (technically treated as an outbound client, use a separate file in to process data that the client trasfers).
  • FtpClientOut – Send data via FTP (also an outbound client, will process local files from a directory).
  • InboundTrigger – Trigger events at a regular interval specified in seconds.
  • CronTrigger – Trigger events using a cron-type schedule.
  • BshLogicAgentInteractive – Create and test beanshell scripts interactively with a GUI editor.
  • BshLogicAgentFromFile – Read in beanshell scripts and run them against data automatically.
  • SmtpClientOut – Not really working yet.


Integrate Client Library is available under the terms of the LGPL.


Newer versions of the download contain all the libraries that it depends upon, but some may be unnecessary depending upon what you’re using the library for.

Note – Light HL7 Lib is required for many of these classes to work in the following downloads.