Lustron stuff

It may be obvious, depending upon what’s on the front page at any give time, that my wife and I own a Lustron home. If you don’t know what that is, well, you fail. But I’ll explain.

They’re steel houses (walls, roof, ceiling, inside and out) manufactured after WWII, really to meet two needs. First, cheap housing for new families with soldiers coming home from the war, and second, it was something useful to do with the post-war excess steel capacity.

If that was enough to titillate you, there are other better website out there. The rest of this page is to provide links to external sites, and to provide links to the galleries and other (minimal) resources about our house.

Other Sites

The Lustron Connection – this is the best hub of Lustron information out there right now (in my opinion).

Lustron Preservation – a promising site with a very good database, but badly needs to fill in its vast collection of “coming soon” pages.

Lustron – the documentary – haven’t seen it, probably should.

Local Resources

Kitchen before remodel

Remodeled kitchen and bath

Outside shot of the house

Living room, pre remodel, but only the carpet and now some furniture is different

Blog entry, pre kitchen remodel

Blog entry, post kitchen remodel

And lastly, some before and after shots of the kitchen – I tried to line them up, but kind of failed on the side shot.

Kitchen side

Kitchen full