HL7 Software

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What’s here

The most popular programs are listed below. View all of the available HL7 Utilities here or the link to the right. The support forum for any of the software is here. Additional software available is listed to the right under the Software section of the menu. All software is free and open source and were recently certified adware/malware/virus free, see the bottom of this page for details.


Most applications here are installed via Java WebStart. If you have Java version 1.4 through 6 installed clicking on the links below (or on the application pages) will download and install the application automatically. This is usually a quick process. These applications will work fine, even if you’re not currently connected to the internet, but when you are, they can detect and install any updates for you automatically. Please consider using them to install the apps you want.

HL7 Comm (1.1 – current)
HL7 Browser
HL7 Anon
HL7 Comm (0.7.2 – previous)

Softpedia 100% free

This software has all been certified adware, malware and virus free by Softpedia.

HL7 Comm (home page) (certification)
HL7 Browser (home page) (certification)
HL7 Anon (home page) (certification)
JMd5Sum (home page) (certification)
JWepGen (home page) (certification)