Michael Litherland

Application designer/developer

michael dot litherland at gmail dot com

Key Technologies

  • Programming Languages
    • Java, including Servlets/JSP, JSF, Swing, JMS, JDBC, EJB3, Hibernate, Grails
    • Python, PHP 5, HTML, Javascript, Bash
    • Perl, including PerlCGI and Perl/Tk
  • Programming Technologies
    • Application Server Programming using JBoss, Glassfish and Tomcat
    • Graphical User Interface Programming in Swing and Perl/Tk
    • Dynamic Web Application design, using JavaServer Faces, EJB3, Servlets, JSP, AJAX, Javascript, HTML and Perl/CGI
    • Network Server Programming, both select based and threaded
    • Web Services including SOAP, XMLRPC
  • Database Design
    • MySQL, PostgreSQL, JavaDB, Oracle and Microsoft SQL
    • Object persistence with EJB3 and Hibernate including EJBQL and other query languages
    • JDBC and PerlDBI including connection pooling
  • Operating Systems
    • Linux administration since 1995
    • Other UNIX, including Solaris 8-10 and various BSD-like UNIXes
    • Mac OS X
    • Windows XP/2000
  • Communication Skills
    • Writing training manuals
    • Design of new applications and documentation of existing applications
    • Training developers on new technologies

Technology Experience

2006-Current IBM (formerly Initiate Systems, formerly Accenx)

With IBM I lead the design and development of a Java EE5 based health care exchange application. In development of this application and other EE5 based applications for customers I continue to refine techniques for rapidly deploying highly reliable and responsive tools. Technologies employed on the application server include standards based JavaServer Faces and EJB3, to allow for easy deployment in varied environments and almost limitless scalability via clustering. The code is developed following the MVC paradigm to ensure it remains easy to support in enhance in the future as new developers are brought online.

2001-2006 Cleveland Clinic Foundation

After December 2005 I worked with the Department of Neurology designing and building a custom J2EE application to make data readily available for the new Epilepsy Center at CCF. I was responsible for all technology selection from the hardware through the web application framework employed in the application. To date the application produces reports to improve patient outcomes and is being extended to facilitate the institutions research capabilities.

Prior to 2006 I worked with the Office of Clinical Integration and Interfaces, performing system integration functions vital to the operation of the enterprise. My job responsibilities include programming and designing integration logic within SeeBeyond’s ICAN integration suite, but also stand alone development of integration software in Java and Perl. I created and maintain the department’s web site, including coding for several web applications. These include our project request and tracking application written in Zope using DTML and Python, our Secretarial Model Reporting application written in Perl/CGI and most recently our new proactive alert notification system which is still under development using the JBoss application server, Servlets/JSP, AJAX and JDBC pools.

2000-2001 Raetek Inc.

As a developer and system administrator for the now defunct Raetek Inc. I played a key role in designing and preparing our web based security surveillance software for release as a generally available product. The system was designed to use commodity hardware to record images on servers for playback anywhere on the internet, allowing businesses and individuals to monitor their property from anywhere in the world.

1996-2000 FirstEnergy Corp

Working first as a consultant then being hired in, I performed support duties as well as Novell and SCO Unix administration at FirstEnergy Corp (initially Centerior Energy). I specialized in helping the power generation facilities meet their unique IT requirements under very demanding conditions.

Open-Source Projects

I have been an active developer and maintainer of open-source projects, primarily related to healthcare since around 2002. These include the HL7 Browser, the HL7 Comm utility, the HCM integration server and a number of libraries. More information about these projects are available at


Cleveland State University – Cleveland Ohio

Credits towards a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics. 85 credits earned with a cumulative GPA of 3.67. I continue to regularly attend courses towards this goal.

Case Western Reserve University – Cleveland Ohio

Credits towards a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics. 53 credits earned and transferred in part to CSU.

Bishop McDevitt High School – Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Graduated with honors, 1993