Schema Grapher


The eGate Schema Grapher is a relatively simple program written in Python to generate useful graphs of pub/subs between eGate (4.5.x and SRE) components. I say useful because the network view in the Designer (Manager) purported to do the same thing, but winded up being worse than useless.

This utility parses the schema export files (which you provide and put in the exp directory) and it generates what are called dot files. These are files that express the relationships between interconnected components that can be rendered into images by the excellent Graphviz software made by the kind folks at AT&T research.

That means that not only will you need a copy of Python handy, but to actually render graphs you’ll need a copy of Graphviz.


Please visit the new online forums if you have questions or issues with the Schema Grapher. I personally check the boards at least once a day. Click here: Enter the support forums


Yes – the tar file is only 6KB. You’ll need to install Graphviz and Python on your own. I linked to Graphviz above, but if you need a Python, try here.

Install Information

There is some work you’ll have to do to configure the software for use. It’s pretty easy to do with a text editor. Mostly you need to tell it where copy of Graphviz is installed. One word of warning – I’m a UNIX user. This may not work correctly on a Windows computer. I have no real way to test it. If there are bugs using it in Windows I’ll make an attempt to fix it, or better yet, tell me how to do so.

To perform the install untar the file and edit your to match your environment. Put your exports in the “exps” directory then run the program “”. You’ll want to do this on a commandline in case there are warnings.

Important information

This particular piece of software is provided under the terms of the GNU Public License, version 2. Visit the Free Software Foundation if you’ve been living in a cave and don’t know what that means.

Like all software on this site, this is provided without warranty in the hopes that it will be useful for you. If it breaks, please don’t sue me.