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Don't mess with the beetle.

I was feeling the love from other drivers Saturday. I managed to get cut off, have to swerve entirely out of my lane, slam my brakes on, or honk obnoxiously at people no less than seven times. Because I own a beetle, when I honk at them they look angrily at me, then realize that […]

I hate bandcamp

I still bear the physical and emotional scars from four years of bandcamp in highschool. The lesson I learned was a critical one, though: I do not have the capacity of differentiating my right from my left.

Time to kill

Just got a copy of OSX 10.3 in the mail today. I’ve spent the last three hours trying to get it installed, with some success. Initially I was hoping for the smooth upgrade, but when that continued to bomb over and over again I gave up. Now I’m typing on it – Panther is definitely […]

Comment allez-vous?

People are starting to comment on my blog. Spooky. Anyway, photos of Brad’s fifth annual twenty first birthday party are up here. I also have movies but they need a little, shall we say, enhancement before I post those. Also of interest is my software for graphing eGate schemas. If you don’t know what that […]