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Officially moving to (at least) Java 5

Unofficially most of the utilities here still worked with Java 1.4, but particularly in GUI mode some of the screens would break. Now, officially, any subsequent releases will require Java 5. In addition to compiling with 5 as my target I’m going to switch to using J5isms like generics where possible. Oracle is likely going […]

New HL7 Comm coming soon.

A user spotted a problem where HL7 Comm could arbitrarily hang. I tracked it down to an exception in the GUI, and plan to release a new version in coming days. I’m also looking at a library update for HL7 Browser. updates is now getting all social and stuff. Look for on facebook or follow nule_org on twitter. At the moment I’m still waiting for my new employer (IBM has purchased the company that purchased my company) to permit me to continue working on my open source software. I expect that will happen with due […]

Updating licenses

It recently came to my attention that some of the licenses used for the libraries available here weren’t very “corporate friendly”. As a result I’ll be adding a second license to any library or program here that’s covered by the GPL or LGPL. At your option you’ll also be able to use the code here […]