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Poor Reporting

To whom it may concern, I just read a news story posted by your editorial team at the following URL: (pops) You should be sincerely embarrassed by the poor quality of the writing and editing that went into the publication of that article. The need to quickly report on current events should not be […]

Lies and deceit from the BBC

The BBC has to me always been a pillar of unbiased and thorough reporting of the news, but no more. In a recent series of stories the have made the fallacious claim that they’ve captured the birth of a rhinoceros for the first time on a web cam. Well, that’s just malarkey. Way back in […]

Day in the life

Yes, we have no kids so the cats have to deal with us. Trying some youtube foo. (Can’t get the embedded video to work in wordpress…) YouTube Foo! I’ll have another update for you real soon now.

Sin Busters

Today I’d like to introduce you to a new category of posts here on reviews. (n.b. I’ve moved this from the reviews section in an attempt to make that part more serious.) For our inagural edition we’ll be reviewing a piece I picked up in the least likely of places. This is a work […]