Comment allez-vous?

People are starting to comment on my blog. Spooky.

Anyway, photos of Brad’s fifth annual twenty first birthday party are up here. I also have movies but they need a little, shall we say, enhancement before I post those.

Also of interest is my software for graphing eGate schemas. If you don’t know what that means then don’t worry about it. If you are still interested, check out this. There are samples up too, for the curious.


  1. Quash says:

    Just an FYI, the schema grapher code workes well in windows. The people I showed were
    HIGHLY impressed with what it could do. I forget when we talked about this, but is there
    a way to get iq managers that are not used out of the graphs? Also (again, can’t remeber
    if we talked about this) but is there a way to seperate the name of the eway, bob, iqmgr
    from the collaboration name or event type. I’m thinking some sort or dotted line or box
    within a box.

    Nice Job

  2. M Litherland says:

    Thanks, Quash. I figured I’d respond here so others that might be thinking the same thing can see.

    The IQMs that are in the graphs that don’t appear to be used really are used. The problem is that the pub/sub that flows through them uses <all> for its subscription. The utility currently doesn’t pick up on that correctly. If there is a point update to this, it will be fixed.

    I’ve also thought about some way of setting the component name away from its constituent parts. I’ve not seen anything in the “dot” specification that Graphviz uses that suggests a solution. If anybody knows a good way to do this, I’d like a hint, maybe even just a font change to set it apart. This is another good to-do for a point release.

    Thanks for your comments.

  3. Quash says:

    I was doing a little more digging and using the schema graphing program and cam across a number of things.

    First, the Data Structure design in the directed graph section might be a slick way of applying sections to each
    component (eway name on top, collaboration under…or iqm name on top, ETs underneath. All seperated with lines,
    and the names bolded.)

    Also, since I’ve been using this at my client, I’ve been relying on it more and more. One things that I keep trying
    to do and can’t is click on an iqm and see all the related inbounds and outbound related to it. You can do that with
    the eways, but not the iqms. This would have come in handy when I was re-architecting the iqm layout last week…I
    guess I survived 😉

    Also, I know you’ll probably hate this idea, but was looking into something to “auto graph” into Visio, and came
    across this URL,

    I tried digging in your code to try to make some of these changes, but got a little lost. I’ll keep playing around,
    maybe trying to implement some of the above ideas.

    P.S. Looking forward to the new java HL7 utilities.


  4. Quash says:

    woops, prematurely posted there…back to the visio topic, from the URL it seems to be pretty simple to layout
    a simple graph structure from the data you already have generated in your code, just change the output layout. Unless
    I’m missing something…

    OK, now I’m done.