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I am not a bad person

I never thought I was a bad person, so I was glad to have Softpedia confirm that the 5 main open-source projects that I have downloads for are all certified 100% spyware, malware and virus free. Hopefully you felt comfortable before downloading and running my software, but if not, this hopefully makes you feel a […]

HL7 Comm 0.8 Arrives!

After a few more improvements and some updated documentation 0.8 is launching. This is the best tested HL7 Comm yet, and hopefully among the easiest to use, even as tons of new features are available. View the HL7 Comm link to the right to get the latest version or the Software tab at the top […]

Light HL7 Library update and Javadoc

I’ve updated the Light HL7 Library page here to include the latest version of that library, including the work around for extremely large messages that crashed some JVMs (notably, both Windows and Linux running the latest versions of Java). At the same time a user named Kiran contacted me to ask if the Javadoc could […]

Another HL7 utils update

I update HL7 Comm 0.8 again. It is now feature complete for the 0.8 release. The last remaining logic agent allows you to run the beanshell scripts you create using the interactive beanshell agent without a GUI editor window or without a GUI at all. To use this, use the BshLogicAgentInteractive client to create your […]