Another HL7 utils update

I update HL7 Comm 0.8 again. It is now feature complete for the 0.8 release. The last remaining logic agent allows you to run the beanshell scripts you create using the interactive beanshell agent without a GUI editor window or without a GUI at all. To use this, use the BshLogicAgentInteractive client to create your beanshell script, then save it after you have it working correctly. After that, use the BshLogicAgentFromFile client to run your script in a non-interactive fashion. One change to that last version is if you had a config file saved for the old logic agent, you should rename it in the config from “BshLogicAgent” to “BshLogicAgentInteractive”. I decided to change some names around to make the Integrate Client Library classes make a bit more sense.

There are a few more bugs, mostly related to the GUI, in 0.8 that need fixed; but the underlying logic seems solid. Once I fix the bugs and update the documentation 0.8 is done. Feel free to try out 0.8 as a “release candidate” at this point and give me feedback. I still think the new features are pretty killer for this kind of app.

There’s also an interesting bug that comes to light recently that causes the Light HL7 Library to overflow the stack on windows and linux versions of Java. (It’s not re-creatable on OS X.) I’ve created a work around, where extremely large HL7 messages of 70+ kilobytes in size and 900+ segments in length can be parsed on these systems. I don’t know that Sun will address the stack overflow directly, so I figured I need to work around it anyway, plus not everybody can install the latest JVM. So far HL7 Anon has the newest Light HL7 Library included, as does the latest HL7 Comm beta. I’ll release a new HL7 Browser pretty soon to fix that and some other usability issues.

As always, send me feedback or comments.