I am not a bad person

I never thought I was a bad person, so I was glad to have Softpedia confirm that the 5 main open-source projects that I have downloads for are all certified 100% spyware, malware and virus free. Hopefully you felt comfortable before downloading and running my software, but if not, this hopefully makes you feel a bit better.

Softpedia 100% free

Here are the five programs that were certified and their award certification pages:

HL7 Comm (home page) (certification)
HL7 Browser (home page) (certification)
HL7 Anon (home page) (certification)
JMd5Sum (home page) (certification)
JWepGen (home page) (certification)

Update: Just a quick note, the Softpedia downloads tend to point to the zip archives. You should try to use the JNLP if you can, as it will automatically keep your program up to date and it will work with your operating system to install application shortcuts in a logical place, like your start menu or applications folder.

Softpedia also has review pages for all the software above, and rest assured that all of these 5 certainly run on any of the supported Java platforms (i.e. Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaris, etc.), not just the platform pages in which they appear.