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Kitchen after

Well, back here I promised to post after shots of the new kitchen. I tried to match them up with the before shots fairly close. I tossed in a few bonus bathroom shots as well (didn’t think to take before shots there – trust me, it’s an improvement). I need to do something about the […]

Twofer Thursday

Well, AT&T dropped from orange to yellow on my fail scale and actually got our DSL and local phone working (how about the cellphone, huh, AT&T?) So to reward you for your patience in listening to me complain I present you with two more chapters of the Java tutorial. We’re getting dangerously close to doing […]

Just for you AT&T

Just so you know, your fail advisory level is at Orange.

Moved, but having some issues.

Thanks AT&T. You didn’t quite manage to get my phone and DSL moved Monday in the AM as you promised, but you have assured me that you’ll let me know why you fail so badly by late Wednesday night. I’m so glad that you’ve been allowed to become a monopoly again with no accountability at […]