Kitchen after

Well, back here I promised to post after shots of the new kitchen. I tried to match them up with the before shots fairly close. I tossed in a few bonus bathroom shots as well (didn’t think to take before shots there – trust me, it’s an improvement). I need to do something about the plywood mounts I made for the air conditioner. I my try for some thick lexan next year to mount it in, or at least paint my plywood mounts.

Side by side comparisons

I fired up the gimp and made some medium sized comparison shots. Please click the thumbnails below to enlarge.

Kitchen side

Kitchen full

By the way, the house is of an unusual all steel construction, interior and exterior walls, ceilings and roofs. They were made in the late 40s and early 50s by the Lustron corporation. Much more information is available at the Lustron connection and there’s even a documentary. Unfortunately, some owner covered the original exterior of the house with aluminum siding and shingled roofing. I later decided to upgrade the windows, and now the floors and kitchen (which weren’t original anyway) as well as the bathroom. Yes, we designed, built and installed the kitchen and bathroom ourselves.

Outside view of our house