Twofer Thursday

Well, AT&T dropped from orange to yellow on my fail scale and actually got our DSL and local phone working (how about the cellphone, huh, AT&T?) So to reward you for your patience in listening to me complain I present you with two more chapters of the Java tutorial. We’re getting dangerously close to doing useful stuff with Java here. All great fun.

I have been thinking how to expand this tutorial, and I have two ideas so far. One is to delve more into best practices, like, shall we say commenting our code and how to do it right in Java? Or perhaps using ant and organizing our projects. The other idea is extending things to start to cover enterprise class Java. That could be interesting as lots of people will tell me I’m doing it wrong.

Oh well, when you have a job designing enterprise apps you can tell me I’m stupid (and you’ll still be wrong). All good fun, kids.