Moved, but having some issues.

Thanks AT&T. You didn’t quite manage to get my phone and DSL moved Monday in the AM as you promised, but you have assured me that you’ll let me know why you fail so badly by late Wednesday night. I’m so glad that you’ve been allowed to become a monopoly again with no accountability at the same time as your customer service has slipped to well below the crappy watermark set by Ameritech back in the dark days of 2000/2001. Oh, and my freaking cell phone isn’t working right either. DIAF, thanks.

In other news we did get moved successfully to the new place. I’m really happy with how things turned out, and the move went better than planned, thanks, actually, to a u-haul screwup (speaking of customer service… at least u-haul gave me a huge discount and an extended rental when they didn’t have the truck I reserved available). I won’t have new pictures of the house renovations up until the DSL is working at home again.

Lastly, I scored a Wii. Wii! They really are as good as the hype. I’m considering a ‘review’ style entry covering it later, we’ll see how time works out with that. Now if only my DSL would come up again, so I could update it and download all the fun online toys.

Hey, AT&T – in case I forgot to mention before… DIAF.

P.S. I probably won’t manage to update the Java tutorial, or anything else here again before the DSL comes back, by the way. Sorry about that, but I’ll get caught up again soon, I promise.

P.P.S. AT&T has gone from suck to blow. They canceled my repair ticket, telling me “it’s done” and after convincing them I still don’t have dialtone, they created a new repair ticket, resetting me back another day. FAIL.