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IDE Goodness

Rarely will you hear me enthuse over a software product, but in my never-ending search for the perfect development environment I ended up giving Eclipse another try. Eclipse was a horrid product in the 1.x and 2.x days (at least in my opinion) because the learning curve was too steep. But they really got it […]

Some good reading

In the grocery store the other day, what should my gaze stumble upon but this: On quick glance, what does that look like to you? That’s right, Fuck the Reluctant. Now that’s my kind of novel. Don’t know about this “Fulk” stuff, though. Should you, for some reason be interested in this new piece of […]

Hanging Out

You might be aware that I went through some tough times with Amanda about 8 or so months ago. There’s some good news finally. She’s doing really well, and coincidentally so am I. We’ve started hanging out some again and we’ve had a really good time. I mentioned making sushi the other day. She came […]

A few minutes

So here I sit in a class where I’m being learned on J2EE application servers. Finished my exercise two hours ago. Waiting for the two thirds of the class that can’t figure out what they’re doing. For the most part these exercises are just performing the very specifically spelled out actions that the book prescribes […]