IDE Goodness

Rarely will you hear me enthuse over a software product, but in my never-ending search for the perfect development environment I ended up giving Eclipse another try. Eclipse was a horrid product in the 1.x and 2.x days (at least in my opinion) because the learning curve was too steep. But they really got it right with 3.0.

The best part for me, since most of my coding is in Python and Perl as opposed to Java, is that the editor has plugins that support those languages better than any other editor I’ve used. It’s object parser can find modules and subroutines in any of the three languages I typically write in, and it’s got tight CVS integration with its project structure. That exactly how I like to work, and if it keeps me from constantly running to the shell that’s a good thing.

The main point of this blog entry is so I don’t forget the URLs for when I have to install Eclipse on another platform or reinstall it. So here they are:

Perl EPIC:

To load those two modules into Eclipse you’d got to the add features section and add sites with those URL’s listed above and postfix “updates/” to them.