A few minutes

So here I sit in a class where I’m being learned on J2EE application servers. Finished my exercise two hours ago. Waiting for the two thirds of the class that can’t figure out what they’re doing. For the most part these exercises are just performing the very specifically spelled out actions that the book prescribes you to do. If you can follow directions you should be able to do this stuff. Not that it’s not a good way to learn, and not that I haven’t had my share of mistakes that I needed to correct, but really… Just follow directions, people – it’s not that hard.

I’ve been feeling way better recently. That’s led, in part, to the decision to keep the cats. It’s also enabled me to go out and do some stuff that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Among the more entertaining of these things was a decision to put the sushi making kit I got a few months ago to use. I have some photos of the end results (which really don’t look all that bad) as soon as I have both my camera and my USB equipment in the same state. But I can tell you that they were pretty damn good for a first effort. I have some crab in the freezer, ready for the next attempt – California rolls. Looking forward to trying those out.

Speaking of.. I’m actually in California at the moment for this class. And sushi is going to be on the menu tonight. I keep hearing that sushi in Ohio sucks compared to sushi on the coast. Time to find out. A plate full of raw fish and a bottle of saki – sounds like a good time to me.