Archive for May 2004

Been slacking

Anybody who knows me probably knows that I get in rather melancholic moods on a fairly regular basis. I’ve been in one of those for the past few weeks, so I’ll use that as my excuse for lack of updates. If it makes you feel any better I’ve been slacking in my yard work, house […]

Rainy days

I’ve complained a lot about the weather this Spring early on, but honestly, it’s been really nice so far this year. So I won’t complain about the rain today, and it makes a nice break to stop and be contemplative about things. So if you feel like listening to me be contemplative, read on.

Another day, another blogging software

Well, after finally getting used to MovableType I’m switching to new blogging software. There were changes to MT’s licensing which were vaguely annoying and the license was annoying to begin with. So I’m switching to some software called WordPress. It’s real Open Source Software and was honestly much easier to install and seems easier to […]

A tale of a truck

I was cruising out and about in the city on a fine spring day when what should I wander upon but this?