Been slacking

Anybody who knows me probably knows that I get in rather melancholic moods on a fairly regular basis. I’ve been in one of those for the past few weeks, so I’ll use that as my excuse for lack of updates. If it makes you feel any better I’ve been slacking in my yard work, house cleaning, and just about every where else as well.

I did get out and take some more pictures last weekend in Chagrin. It was a bit of a hurried trip because of the threat of thunderstorms. The week before I decided to buy a new digital camera (Nikon d70) so I’m still getting used to it. As a result many of the photos I took didn’t come out very well because I was trying to be too fancy. The nice part about a digital is that you just delete them and move on. I did rearrange my gallery to make things a bit easier to find the new photos. After they move out of the “new” section I’ll organize them where they should be, but now if you just want to see what’s new go there.

With this long weekend coming up I hope to go on some new trails and to get some more photos. It’s like a mini-vacation until I can get off my ass and plan a real trip. I may have a work trip to California coming up sometime soon, so that may be an excuse to laze around there for a few extra days. We’ll see.