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Kinda re-organizing things

I’m re-organizing the site a bit. This won’t break any links but might be a little wonky for a while. Update: OK, that’s the general gist of the new layout, hope everybody approves. I’m going to do something insane and temporarily re-enable users registrations and comments. I’m betting this will last about two days before […]

A new year and new plans

I’ve been thinking a lot about how this site is organized, and though it’s worked well through the past couple of years, the time might be right for a refresh of the design. By far the majority of the visitors here are here for the HL7 software, but there’s no elegant way using this version […]

Hey look, it's an update.

I’ve actually been busy working on stuff for, as well as stuff not as related, so I figured I should drop a note about what’s going on. First off, my attempts at fund-raising for the site and my now due bandwidth bill failed immensely. Exactly one donor came forward (of the 2200 people that […]

Public Radio Week '08

It’s public radio week on If you watch public TV or listen to public radio (NPR, PRI, etc.) you know and love the regular periods where they ply you for donations to keep their shows running. After hosting for over 8 years now, my hosting costs have constantly grown, from a few bucks […]