A new year and new plans

I’ve been thinking a lot about how this site is organized, and though it’s worked well through the past couple of years, the time might be right for a refresh of the design. By far the majority of the visitors here are here for the HL7 software, but there’s no elegant way using this version of wordpress to make that the focus of the page without burying my rant-space and other things that I wish to make available for users of the site.

Starting soon, nule.org is going to be split into two different web sites. This part of nule.org will look much the same as it does now, but the software is going to be primarily hosted on the new domain. That site will be no-nonsense, hopefully easier to navigate and won’t contain nearly as much of my useless blather. Links to the software on this site will gently redirect the user to the new site pretty much as long as I’m maintaining these domains. The new domain is a .com, by the way, but that doesn’t represent a change of my personal policy in terms of licensing the software. If it’s open-source today it will remain open source.

I’m also working on scripts to even further simplify my build process. Moving to SVN and being able to make the source available pretty much in real time is a great help to those power users, but I’m sure there are those that would like to just be able to click a link and get a jar or get a zip. And no, I won’t use sourceforge.

Hopefully I’ll be able to take the wraps off the new site soon. Of course, I’ll update you here first.