More LHL updates

It’s a been a bit since an update, and you can blame my work. Talk about long hours. But we can thank them at least for needing an update for Light HL7 Library that allows any HL7 field (or component, subcomponent, etc.) to properly handle escape characters being encoded or decoded automatically. Other than that there’s not a whole lot to talk about regarding the utilities, but they are being worked on. Mostly I didn’t want an entire month to go by without an update (which, it may have depending upon your timezone).

The only other news is that I’ve been pretty slammed with spam, so the contact form is momentarily offline. There’s sufficient information there to figure out how to contact me if you have half a brain. If I missed a message from you due to the deluge, please resend it and hopefully I’ll see it this time.

By the way, I’ve noticed lately that a lot of the advertisers on the site are less than legitimate diet-supplement and pharmaceutical companies, and I’m working on eliminating those from showing up here.