Public Radio Week '08

It’s public radio week on If you watch public TV or listen to public radio (NPR, PRI, etc.) you know and love the regular periods where they ply you for donations to keep their shows running. After hosting for over 8 years now, my hosting costs have constantly grown, from a few bucks a year to almost $500. (I do offer hosting to others which helps offset the cost, along with running some google ads. For that reason it’s hard for me to name an exact amount.) Every month I serve over 3GB of software (over 60% of my traffic is in jar files) to around 3000 different users.

Now, I definitely feel guilty about asking for donations, as I make a good salary (though I still haven’t been able to sell our old house, so I’m broke), but the time I spend working on this software is worth a lot in real dollars, and I’ve never asked for much more than a note of thanks. But, I figure, at the very least, the time I spend shouldn’t also cost me real dollars for having to deliver the bandwidth as well.

So there it is. Donate or don’t. The software will always be free, regardless, but if you use it and like it, this is one way to let me know.