Safe to come out?

Things have calmed down considerably at work. The “troublemakers” were moved to their own room, which suits them as much as it suits me, I imagine. I finally got a phone (after 6 weeks). So now I’m just waiting on two things. First is a real desk or cube somewhere. Second is to get the slow windows computer I have upgraded to the new standard ITD machine as part of our big departmental roll-out. The latter is a bit of a waste as the machine is plenty fast (2.66ghz p4) but just needs more than a quarter gig of ram. My development machine is a 3.00ghz p4 with HT and a gig of ram and running Linux is acceptably fast.

In other news, I’m about done with a little GUI program to generate MD5 and SHA1 sums. It’s Java (of course) and runs just about everywhere. If you download big files you know how useful this little utility could be to tell whether your download is corrupt or not. It should be available for download in the next two days so go get it.