New machines

Sounds like our new machines will be rolled out in March or April at work. I guess they use some sort of virtualization software so that you can’t actually do anything you’re not allowed to do in windows. Anything. Want to install firefox? Too bad. Upgrade to the latest NetBeans? Too bad. Want to do your job? Too freaking bad!

Some things I understand, but listen to the software proceedure. If we need a piece of software we need to provide the install medium to some “team” that prepares a network install of the software. A few weeks or months later they provide a way to install the software from the network (presuming that they’ll allow it). Considering I upgrade my NetBeans, MySQL, JBoss, Java, Firefox, and others weekly or even more frequently, how are they going to keep up with demand? Multiply that by some 20,000 employees.

Anyway, it seems stupid for some IT department to want to keep control over their environment so badly that they’d prevent their employees from doing any work. Thank goodness I do all my development in Linux. They can have my Linux over my cold, dead hands. And even then I’d probably just go find a new job. (J2EE developer, anyone?)