Utilities update

There are some recent utility updates that I felt were worth announcing.

First, a new utility that attempts to remove personally identifiable information from HL7 information is available. It’s called HL7 Anon and is available here. It has a GUI incarnation and a command-line version as well as an API that’s very easy to work with.

Second, related to HL7 Anon, I found and squashed a bug in the Light HL7 Library (LHL). It had to do with a call to getField(String) in Hl7Record where the segment didn’t exist. There is also some untested code available in that library, but it’s best to avoid that code at the moment as it doesn’t really do anything and is subject to change anyway.

Next, I made a webstart for the JMd5Sum utility. Now you don’t need to install anything short of clicking on the JNLP link (here) and letting it perform the normal desktop integration.

I also made a webstart and released a slightly updated version of the JWepGen utility. Version 1.0 works the same as the previous version, but builds a little nicer and uses the newest webstart technology to make desktop integration work better.

Lastly, I updated all my webstarts to take advantage of the latest features. All of the applications attempt to now create a program group called “Nule.org utils” and should work fine, even if nule.org is unavailable. Please use this new feature so you can be sure that all of your applications are kept up to date.