For the new year

2007 was really freaking hard. Let’s not attempt that again, OK? From May when I started renovating the old (new) house, through August and September, which involved entirely too much moving, up until just about any day now which is when the new (old) house will be completely fixed up and ready to sell again. All the while I worked (more than) full time at my job, and tried to remain a reasonable social life and kept up on my WoW characters. Hey – I don’t watch much TV so that’s my vice, OK?

So even though I haven’t succeeded as well as I would have liked in keeping my HL7 utilities up to date, I can at least promise that I’ll have more time to work on them now. I’m keeping focused on the 0.8 release of HL7 Comm, which primarily is just an update to the configuration interface. It will make it easier to work on the new beanshell based logic handlers when that is complete, as well as some other connectors when I have time. Eventually I really need to touch up the browser as well, but at the same time there are really some other projects I’d like to play with. And don’t even mention the Light HL7 Library. Oh, right, and I’m trying to keep the updates coming to the Java tutorial. Hopefully that’s been helpful to a few people at least.

Thanks for bearing with me for another year. Even if it wasn’t the most productive for me from your perspective, I’m certainly worn out from it. Hopefully I’ll keep both of us happier in 2008.