Vile hearsay

In World of Warcraft, most of my character names are some variation of “nule”, for what I hope are pretty obvious reasons. Last night I got a private message from another player who asked me if I was French. He then proceeded to tell me that “nule” means something really vile in French. That seems pretty unlikely to me, as I researched pretty thoroughly for any reference to “nule” before I chose this domain name, and it essentially returned nothing. I also can’t find it in any French language dictionaries or any online slang dictionaries that have an entry for it or for close lexical variations. The closest seems to be “nouille” which basically means “idiot”, which, if true, I can live with that. Other references to Nule include some small towns in Italy and Portugal (Hi!) and it’s sometimes short for Nulia, which I guess is an uncommon Celtic woman’s name (how you doin’?)

Any native speakers out there care to confirm or deny this? Another possibility is that it’s an obscure Quebec slang word, of which I can find essentially zero information. Hit up the contact link if you know.