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More clients coming for HL7 Comm, HCM

I just checked in three new clients for the Integrate Client Library (ICL), which means that HL7 Comm and HCM will receive them soon in new builds. There’s also a fourth that is on the way. The three that are checked in right now are an FTP inbound, and FTP outbound and a new Trigger […]

Javadoc updated for libraries

I’m really on a roll these days. Now I have published updated javadoc for both the Light HL7 Library and the Integrate Client Library on these hallowed pages. The links to all the javadoc published for any project here will always be available on this page: I have some email addresses for some folks […]

New versions are available

Right now new versions of HL7 Comm, HCM, Light HL7 Library and Integrate Client Library are available. Find them using their respective links to the side, and as always report issues using the support forum, or by emailing me (contact information under the About or Resume links to the right). There’s also a new document […]

New versions of just about everything coming

A user from the support forum indicated that they were using custom clients, logic and even HL7 ack logic and wanted to include custom jars with their HCM instance. This didn’t really work like they wanted because of the way that the classloader works with Tomcat (and other app servers). I added a custom classloader […]