More clients coming for HL7 Comm, HCM

I just checked in three new clients for the Integrate Client Library (ICL), which means that HL7 Comm and HCM will receive them soon in new builds. There’s also a fourth that is on the way.

The three that are checked in right now are an FTP inbound, and FTP outbound and a new Trigger inbound that works like cron. The FTP clients though they’re designed to bring files in and send files out are technically outbound clients, so that you can use InboundTrigger or the new CronTrigger inbound classes to schedule jobs. They write to local directories so you would then use another FileIn or FileOut client to get data that the FTP clients retrieve or to produce the data that the FTP clients will send. This work is based on Apache’s common-net library, so should support anything that the library supports right off the bat, but even if it doesn’t should make extending the FTP client classes pretty easy on your own.

The fourth client I’ll have available for you soon is an SMTP sender. You could use this to email alerts based upon messages that you receive, but I’m also going to look at adding some introspection code so that you can add code from a BSH script or some sort of other class to produce alerts when components of HCM go down or have other problems. That’s the theory. In any case, the client will come first than I’ll see about adding a simple monitor “business logic” class that you can use. Of course, this will be a lot more useful in HCM than HL7 Comm, but the SMTP client should be handy in both.

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