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Question for anybody using HL7 Comm

I know a few of you out there are using HL7 Comm now (though I don’t know how many check this space for updates), but there’s an opportunity brewing were commercial support may become available for HL7 Comm. I know for a fact some of you are using it in your production environments, sometimes perhaps […]

Logging bugs in HL7 Comm

Some users of the 0.8 branch of HL7 Comm pointed out that logging clients weren’t exactly working the right way. They would act like any other outbound client and just log the messages sent outbound. It was a three letter typo on my part and it’s been corrected. It should now log properly both from […]

HL7 Browser temporarily requires Java 1.5

A user found out that due to the inclusion of the HAPI libraries with HL7 Browser 0.9.8, it doesn’t quite work on Java 1.4 at the moment. I’ve updated the JNLP (web start launcher) to reflect this, as well as the install icons on the site. This shouldn’t be a huge inconvenience to most users […]