Logging bugs in HL7 Comm

Some users of the 0.8 branch of HL7 Comm pointed out that logging clients weren’t exactly working the right way. They would act like any other outbound client and just log the messages sent outbound. It was a three letter typo on my part and it’s been corrected. It should now log properly both from saved configurations and unsaved configurations as well.

In addition to this correction, there’s a new inbound client to provide a way to produce timed events in HL7 Comm. The new client is called InboundTrigger and can be configured to generate a new inbound event on a schedule. This could be used to poll a database on a schedule and perform some action. It is also special in that if you are using it to implement a beanshell logic class in HL7 Comm, and your logic class responds to the inbound message with a NACK (i.e. ack = false), then a new event will be generated immediately, as opposed to waiting for the next poll. This lets you immediately process again in the event you’re polling a database and there are a number of records you wish to process. (A single inbound even can only generate a single outbound even using the beanshell script at the moment.)

One thing to keep in mind if you use the new InboundTrigger client – the sleep time specified is just that, the amount of time the client sleeps before sending a new message. It is not the same as the amount of time between when messages are triggered as there is some amount of time that occurs during the processing. Also, the content of the message generated will always be a timestamp of the yyyyMMddHHmmss.SSS format.

So I’ll have 0.8.5 uploaded in short order, but I do want to upgrade my wordpress first as it’s been buggy lately.