HL7 Browser temporarily requires Java 1.5

A user found out that due to the inclusion of the HAPI libraries with HL7 Browser 0.9.8, it doesn’t quite work on Java 1.4 at the moment. I’ve updated the JNLP (web start launcher) to reflect this, as well as the install icons on the site. This shouldn’t be a huge inconvenience to most users as many of you are no doubt on 1.5 or even 6 and those on 1.4 with internet access will download the 1.5 JRE automatically when webstart kicks in.

I’m going to investigate some for sure, but if the library requires 1.5 there’s not much I can do about it, and with heavy XML requirements and a number of dependencies I’m not too hopeful. 1.4 is also getting dated these days, so unless users really scream about it I may not investigate too thoroughly. If you’re concerned one way or the other let your opinion be known here.