Archive for January 2008

First software review

I’ve completed my review of uCertify’s SCJP 5.0 PrepKit here. It is a product that I’d recommend for anybody going for their SCJP certification. I’ve you’ve got something Java or health-care integration-related, let me know and I’ll give it a few hours of my time to write something up about it here. Hit my contact […]

Almost ready with some updates

The next version of HL7 Comm is shaping up nicely. The big (huge, if you will) improvement will be a configuration interface that makes sense. It’s actually been quite hard to code, but I think it’ll be worth it when it’s all working. There are some new clients included, specifically the oft-requested file out that […]

Vile hearsay

In World of Warcraft, most of my character names are some variation of “nule”, for what I hope are pretty obvious reasons. Last night I got a private message from another player who asked me if I was French. He then proceeded to tell me that “nule” means something really vile in French. That seems […]

Utilities update

There are some recent utility updates that I felt were worth announcing. First, a new utility that attempts to remove personally identifiable information from HL7 information is available. It’s called HL7 Anon and is available here. It has a GUI incarnation and a command-line version as well as an API that’s very easy to work […]