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The battle of the cough

I promised more dirt on the new job, and who am I to disappoint? One of my coworkers has a chronic dry cough. Like clockwork he coughs twice, then is silent for 5, 15 minutes or more. Well, behind me another coworker gets positively furious whenever he coughs. “Oh my god!” she swears, sometimes quite […]

Craziness at the new job

I’ve been in my new position for almost a month now. I have to say that I like what I’m doing – being able to basically concentrate on a primary task and to do it very well makes me happy. It’s developing a J2EE application specific to creating reports for epilepsy patients and to make […]


I upgraded to wordpress 2.0 this morning. Let me know if you find anything broken here. Update: Because I’m totally nutty, I’m updating gallery to version 2.0 too. Let me know if I’ve broken anything there as well. Update 2: Gallery 2 is a crappy piece of software. Everything is broken at the moment. Update […]