Archive for April 2005

Updating Software

I think I talked about having the software section of my site developed in Apache Forrest before. Well, I’m sick of it. The upgrade to version 0.6 broke it in ways I can’t begin to correct. I was not under the impression that Forrest was so unstable that point revisions would break upgrades, but apparently, […]

Drinking another beer

I have this sudden urge to update the blog despite the fact that I don’t really have anything to say. Boxes are starting to fill up around the house in anticipation of the move to the new place. My powerbook is back in my hands after spending an unfortunate few weeks in the shop due […]

Photos of new house

I’ve had these up on my gallery for a while, but forgot to link to them on the blog. So go here and look at them. I’ll get some photos up of the inside once it’s furnished and we’re moved in.