Drinking another beer

I have this sudden urge to update the blog despite the fact that I don’t really have anything to say. Boxes are starting to fill up around the house in anticipation of the move to the new place. My powerbook is back in my hands after spending an unfortunate few weeks in the shop due to an audio problem on the logic board. I’ve got a guinness in one hand and a bluetooth mouse in the other and life is decent if not good.

I’m doing a lot of web services development at work despite the fact that I’m learning as I’m going. In my own time I’ve got two open-source projects well under way, the HL7 Browser and HL7 Comm which are both used for integration in the healthcare field. They seem to be pretty popular – if you search google for hl7 utilities it’s the number one ranked hit. They’re both pretty polished, IMO, so I’m proud of them. I’ve also been programming a video game in my spare time. Not ready to divulge any details about it, but it’s been under development for years. I like coding it because it forces you to use many aspects of expertise in programming, from network code, to 3D code, to AI and everything inbetween.