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Hello? Spring? Are you there?

It’s in the lower thirties and raining just like it has been all freaking week. It’s April – rain I expect, but it would be nice to keep it in the forties. Maybe hit the fifties on occasion for a special treat. It wasn’t too ridiculously cold on Saturday or Sunday, so I did get […]

Straight from Winter to Fall

This cold weather has me nervous. Last year we didn’t really get much in the way of spring. It went right from the snows of winter, skipped spring and summer and went right into fall. We had one or two days of hot weather and the summer wasn’t terrible, but without a nice spring it […]

Another day, another server malfunction

From Sunday night through Monday night my mail server was rejecting all mail. It’s fixed now, but if you got a bounce, please try again.

More catchup

On the off chance that someone I know but haven’t talked to in a while should find me on the web via this page I thought it would be nice to give a short overview of my recent history. Read on…