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A bed to call my own

For the first time ever I own a bed. It’s not that I was sleeping on floors and couches for the past ten years, I did have a futon (known as ‘that damn futon’, to a select few) – but it’s not the same. I really didn’t mind it, even though the mattress on it […]

More photos

This was going to be a different kind of update, but I think I’ll do my pondering later. I had this window open for three days waiting to think of what to type, and if I can’t put pen to paper in that amount of time it’s official – I have writer’s block. So instead […]

Another nice day

Today Holden was the object of my hiking and picture taking activities. It hit about 80 today and was alternately sunny and overcast. The grounds were still soggy from the snow and rains, but it was nothing my shit kickers couldn’t handle. 🙂 Having hiking boots really does help. Anyway, if you want, go see […]

Much better.

Today was almost 80 outside. Almost too warm for this time of year, and with all the moisture in the ground and showers coming in the air it is quite muggy. But outside of the possibility of a thunderstorm it was a good day to be in the woods. I wandered around one of my […]