A bed to call my own

For the first time ever I own a bed. It’s not that I was sleeping on floors and couches for the past ten years, I did have a futon (known as ‘that damn futon’, to a select few) – but it’s not the same. I really didn’t mind it, even though the mattress on it was in need of replacement.

So this rainy Sunday was cause for me to make an Ikea trip! I’ve thought about getting a bed for a while, and some other stuff to make the place more to my liking, and the timing was just right to go.

The closest Ikea is about 130 miles from here (Pittsburg) and all told the trip took about 7 hours. I went alone and driving for two hours in the rain around the hills of PA and flatland of OH meant I had nothing better to do than to take pictures of it. Not the safest thing in the world, perhaps, but I only took a handful behind the wheel. My coolpix is really easy to operate one handed, and as long as no shifting was involved I was fine.

So go check out the pictures here. There is one picture of the inside of my house there, but a number from just the trip. Make sure you see the house one to check the bubble lights.