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For the new year

2007 was really freaking hard. Let’s not attempt that again, OK? From May when I started renovating the old (new) house, through August and September, which involved entirely too much moving, up until just about any day now which is when the new (old) house will be completely fixed up and ready to sell again. […]


Really… I swear I’m working on stuff. Below is an attached screen shot of the new HL7 Comm configuration screen sorta, kinda working right. The number 1 suckiness of the current HL7 Comm is that the configuration screen makes no sense. This release will address that and add some new business logic handlers that will […]

It's a race

I’m not sure who’s going to make it out first, version 0.8 of HL7 Comm or the next build of Light HL7 Library (LHL). I had a need to address segment groups for a work project and I ended up having to do something hack-y, which is horribly embarrassing when you tell all your co-workers […]

Up to no good

Well, I had to turn off user registrations to this site (not the message board). Too many people trying to do unsavory things. If you strongly desire a user account here you must now email me and I can create it for you. I might allow posting on the comments if I go this route, […]