Really… I swear I’m working on stuff. Below is an attached screen shot of the new HL7 Comm configuration screen sorta, kinda working right. The number 1 suckiness of the current HL7 Comm is that the configuration screen makes no sense. This release will address that and add some new business logic handlers that will make your life wonderful. Your chosen gender of interest will find you irresistible as a result, and your friends will shower you with money, or, at least perhaps not ignore you as frequently as they do currently. By the way, ignore the Title 1, Title 2 stuff at the bottom for now… I think that’s where I’m going to put the actual component configuration stuff when I get to that point.

Beyond this upcoming release, I want to enhance the HL7 handlers to attempt to do something useful with NACKs on the sender end. It seems that’s a major shortcoming. I also have a few more ideas for handlers and for business logic. Some day we shall see a 1.0 release here. I promise.

I have made more progress with the Light HL7 Lib as well. I don’t really understand my block with that, but each attempt I feel I get closer to something that can work.

HL7 Comm v0.8 Proof!