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Second release of HCM

It’s been a long while, primarily because I couldn’t decide what to do with HCM for a second revision. I wanted to start on building a configuration and code editing GUI, but persistence that was easy enough for just about anybody to setup with tomcat continues to elude me. So I took the GUI cleanups, […]

Finally a 2009 update.

There are new versions of both HL7 Comm and HL7 Browser available. HL7 Comm 1.0.1 is a bugfix for the headless mode of operations and contains some considerable tweaks and improvements in both the Light HL7 Library functions and the back end thread handling. That means starting and stopping should be more reliable (hopefully they […]

More LHL updates

It’s a been a bit since an update, and you can blame my work. Talk about long hours. But we can thank them at least for needing an update for Light HL7 Library that allows any HL7 field (or component, subcomponent, etc.) to properly handle escape characters being encoded or decoded automatically. Other than that […]

Segment group support in Light HL7 Library

I’m well into the segment group support for LHL and you can try it out yourself now by building the latest SVN (revision 34). Basically what this does is let you take a message like the following: MSH|^~\\&|NULEORG|LHL|||20081022120000||ACK||P|2.3||||NE| PID|||12345678||SMITH^PAT| OBR|NOTAVALIDRESULT|OBR1| OBX|NOTAVALIDTEST|OBX1| OBX|NOTAVALIDTEST|OBX2| NTE|NOTAVALIDNOTE|NTE1| OBR|NOTAVALIDRESULT|OBR2| NTE|NOTAVALIDNOTE|NTE2| NTE|NOTAVALIDNOTE|NTE3| OBX|NOTAVALIDTEST|OBX3| NTE|NOTAVALIDNOTE|NTE4| OBX|NOTAVALIDTEST|OBX4| NTE|NOTAVALIDNOTE|NTE5| OBR|NOTAVALIDRESULT|OBR3| OBX|NOTAVALIDTEST|OBX5| Which is obviously […]